Sample Request

We are a wholesaler of Pen Drives in Malaysia and typically the order of the items are in bulk orders. In order for full customer’s satisfaction, we encourage customers to view an actual product of the item prior to the ordering of the goods. We do not provide samples for Branded Models such as Kingston and Toshiba, only the custom pen drive models. Below are the criteria and procedures for sample viewing:-

Corporate Customers within the Klang Valley

For corporate clients, you can schedule and appointment with our sales staff by contacting us here. We will bring you all the latest pen drive samples that you require in person and any questions and be resolved face-to-face. The samples may be borrowed for management viewing purposes subject to the sales staff approval. Samples must be returned to us within 1 month time whether or not the order is confirmed or otherwise. Typically, the sales staff will come collect the samples.

Corporate Customers outside of the Klang Valley

We want to serve you better, but due to the distance, we are not able to meet you personally. However, you have the option to purchase the sample of the requested items by bank in or wire transfer the cost of the items to us, including the delivery charges. Once transferred, we will arrange the sample pen drives to be delivered to you immediately. If you courier us back the samples, we shall refund you the item charges. Also, if order is placed, the charges for the courier and the sample of the item purchased will be deducted from the bill.

Reseller Companies

All Agents and Reseller Companies are welcome to visit our showroom in Bandar Manjalara to view and purchase sample pen drives from our showroom. We encourage reseller companies to drop by to view our entire range of products that you can propose to your clients. You can also at the same time obtain our catalogue and price quotation (provided you are registered with us, and has a registered trading/diary/gift/printing/design company). For Agents outside of the Klang Valley, you can also opt to purchase the samples via bank-in cash/wire transfer. All courier charges will be charged accordingly and no refund will be given for courier fees. Sample fees may be refunded if the items are returned to us in good condition within 1 month’s time.

Dummy Pen Drive Samples

Please note that most of our samples are Dummy Samples, i.e. they do not contain a working chipset in the pen drive. It is only bought or sent to you to view the overall quality, look and feel of the products. The chips will look the same when they are installed into the pen drive (sometimes it is just a little bit heavier). The overall look and feel of the dummy pen drive sample will be very close to the actual pen drive you order.