Artwork Guidelines

Printing Area

We will advise you on the imprint area of your flash drive and it is highly recommended that you print within the designated print size and area. This will ensure a high quality and good looking print for your product. If you have no idea what size to print, our sales staff will coordinate with our graphic designer to recommend a best print size for you. We will provide a visual for your approval

Artwork Format

Our preferred file format for logo printing is using Vector Files. These are high resolution art files that will not pixelate when zoomed in, hence providing a high quality print when used. Our preferred format is Adobe Illustrator (.ai file) or EPS Vector files (.eps). Some vector files may be saved in PDF (.pdf) format. If you provide us with Jpeg image files, we may sometimes be able to trace the logo for you provided the logo is not to complex. Please note that there may be some difference if logo is traced (not perfect).

Colour Printing

Most company has a corporate colour already set for the logo printing. For black or white or logo debossed (no colour) printing, there will not be any issues as the colours are standard. If your logo is a specific colour (such as red, blue, yellow, etc.) please provide us with the correct Pantone Code is provided so as to ensure accurate colour tone during printing on your flash disks. Please ask your branding department for the Pantone Code. If you do not have one, we will match the colour on a best-effort basis.