Logo Flash Drive

There are many different type of branding options available to permanently affix your corporate logo onto your USB flash drive. Typically, flash drives that are used as promotional gifts or customer’s appreciation will include their logo on them as it provides brand visibility to your company. Among the most popular methods for thumb drive logo branding includes silkscreen printing, laser engraving, oxidation, embossing, wood engraving or even offset printing. Different methods are used for different to multiple surface materials and is further explained below.


Oxidation method creates a shiny logo on your pen drive, and the effect is typically precise and glossy. It is generally used for metal surfaces and will create a different tone on the metal.


Engraving is suitable for wooden material and will show a carved-out effect on your wooden thumb drive. It will retain the base colour of the wood.


Silkscreen printing is the most commonly used imprint method as it is suitable for most solid-surface USB Drive models, and the cheapest. Can be printed with up to 4 solid colours.


Laser engraving is widely used for metal casing pen drive casings. It creates an elegant looking effect that typically is light bronze in colour (base material of the metal surface)


Ideal for leather flash drives, either debossing or embossing creates a sunken effect on the material. It retains a similar colour of the material.


Inkjet printing is suitable for imprinting photos with full colour printing and transferred onto the pen drive. Only certain models can be printed with this method.