Minimum Order for Pen Drive

What is our minimum order for our pen drive models in Malaysia? Our minimum order for our flash drives are generally 100pcs for most models. Some of our standard pen drive models such as our basic swivel pen drive (PD-001) has a lower minimum order of 50pcs. Certain fully customized models such as our custom made soft PVC USBs has an even higher minimum order of 300pcs. These models require new molds to be made, hence increasing the cost per item if minimum order is not met.

Why Do We Have a Minimum Order?

As all our products are made-to-order, i.e. the pen drives are only assembled once you have put in your order, there is a general minimum order rule. We are also only selling the products by the bulk (wholesale only), hence we do not supply or sell individual thumb drives. If you require individual pen drives, we advise you to get it from retail shops. However, you should be advised that normally you cannot customize your pen drives if you buy these individual items.

Future Plans – No Minimum Order

Everything said, we strive to serve customers better. Hence, we are developing ways where we can supply smaller quantities to you. We may in the future implement small minimum order quantity to serve this niche market. Keep visiting our website for updates.

Contact Us – Pen Drive Malaysia

If you have any questions regarding each model’s minimum order, please do not hesitate to call us at Pen Drive Malaysia +603-6277 2764 or email us at by providing us the Stock Code or Picture of Flash Drive to request for the minimum order of this item